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Restorative Culture is…

  •  centered around relationship
  •  one in which our humanity is re-claimed and celebrated
  •  a “compass” rather than a “map”
  •  one in which covenants – rather than contracts – are sought
  •  one in which individual voices are heard and acknowledged
  •  one in which justice – rather than order – is sought
  •  a way of “being,” not merely “doing”
  •  an intentional way of finding peace and living peacefully

Together they have trained over 2,500 educators throughout the mid-west, in California, and South Africa in areas of Cultural Competency, Implicit Bias, and Restorative Justice.


  • Billie Mayo
  • Tony Neal
  • Phil Hunsberger

Student Discipline

  •  Examine historical context of authority and how that contributes to behavior challenges.
  •  Understand structures and protocols that mitigate differences in cultures and backgrounds
  •  Analyze current and potential policies, procedures, and practices to reduce office referrals.
  •  Transform interventions to reduce conflict in the classroom.

School Culture

  •  Examine growth-mindsets versus fixed mindsets for academics and behavior.
  •  Understand how school cultures create oppressions that impact student engagement.
  •  Analyze the benefits of a restorative school culture
  •  Transform school environments and traditions to maximize inclusivity.

Data: Evidence & Impact

  •  Examine the historical underpinnings of defining intellectual capacity using assessments.
  •  Understand the racial constructs that impact student achievement and motivation.
  •  Analyze how the cycle of socialization influences student identity and motivation.
  •  Transform assessment practices to reflect improved cultural consciousness.

Family and Community Connection

  •  Examine the impact of contract vs covenant on families and communities.
  •  Understand how family and community engagement is strengthened through restorative practices.
  •  Analyze the present dynamics of family and community engagement with an empowerment lens.
  •  Transform decision-making processes and power structures to authentically include students, parents and communities.

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