Diversity Training

The Problem

Oppression in our schools cheats our children out of a promised and necessary education. In addition, oppression in the workplace poisons morale and productivity.

Though not always perceivable or understood, issues with racism, sexism and classism — to name a few — exist within ourselves and our institutions. As employers and educators, it is up to us to eliminate the oppressive attitudes, behaviors and policies that sabotage an employee’s right to succeed and a student’s right to learn.

The Solution

Educational Equity Consultants (EEC) specializes in diversity training that identifies and eradicates systems of oppression that damage our workplaces and schools.

Since 2001, Education Equity Consultants has been the leader in diversity training for schools and companies in numerous states across the country. EEC has equipped more than 1,300 educators with the knowledge to first uncover oppression in schools and then combat it by way of effective communication techniques that promote respect and empowerment among students and staff.

Just : practicing and standing up for what is morally right and fair

EEC’s four Just programs help schools and organizations eliminate oppressive attitudes, behaviors and policies

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